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Criteria Table
Sr. No. Description
1 A Study Of Customer Perception Towards Visiting Restaurants for Meals After Unlock of Covid-19 Pandamic
2 A Study of the Determinants of Business Success for Home Bakers in Pune
3 A Study On Effective Handling of Social Media for Branding of Hotels
4 An Analysis of the Effects of OTAS on Travel Agents in Hotel Room Bookings
5 Assessment of Social Media and Its Influence on Hospitality Industry
6 Concept, customer perception and feasibility towards pod hotels
7 Do Guest Prefer Tech Savvy Rooms A Perspective from hotels guests
8 Eco-Purchasing” A Study of the Solide Waste Prevention Methods adopted by Hotels and Restaurants of Pune City
9 Impact of Covid 19 on the Business of Home Bakers in Pune
10 Marketing Strategies Adopted by the Atand Alone Spas in Pune
11 New technological interventions which aid hospitality industry to develop a competitive advantage in crisis management during challenging times
12 Rise of Cloud Kitchens Amidst the Covid 19 Pandamic
13 Study of the Impact of Social Media on Daily Food Choices of Millennials ( Age Group 15-25)
14 The Challenges faced by Travel Agents due to Price Transparency in the Travel Industry Reference to the Pune City
15 The Emergence of Home-Bakers and the Role of Social Media For Boosting Sales During Covid-19 Pandemic
16 To Understand and Significant Rise in Acceptance and Popularity of GIN Based Beverages
17 To Understanding the challenges faced and remedies adopted by homestay operations pre and post pandemic ( Coastal Region of Maharashtra)
Mandatory Disclosure DTE,Maharashtra
Savitribai Phule Pune University
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